Signature creation and validation service API's

Signature creation and validation service (SignAPI) hosts:

EnvironmentHost <SignAPI_base_url>
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Signature creation and validation service API's overview

Session API


Signature creation and validation service API's (SignAPI) work is based on sessions.

Received session identifier shall be used in all future requests as reference to a specific set of files.

signAPI provides session storage on a perpetual basis and is used as an identifier for a particular file or set of files.

Service provifers only need to retrieve the session identifier once and Service provider shall save session identifier with the parameters of a related particular file or set of files. 

 Session API URL

GETstartData processing session creation
GET{sessionId}/closeClosing data processing session

Storage API

PUT{sessionId}/uploadUpload file
GET{sessionId}/listRetrieve file list in specific session
GET{sessionId}/{documentiId}Download file
DELETE{sessionId}/{documentiId}Delete file

Signing API

POSTcalculateDigest/{sessionId}Signable data calculation
POSTputSignature/{sessionId}Signature adding and LVRTC issued Time stamp request
POSTfinalizeSignature/{sessionId}Signed document finalization
POSTfinalizeSignatureMob/{sessionId}Signed document finalization using eParaksts mobile related signature
POSTeSeal/{sessionId}Electronic stamp creation (internal use only)
POSTarchive/{sessionId}Archive timestamp requesting.

Validation API

GET{sessionId}/{documentiId}/validateValidation of signed file

Configuration API

GET Retrieve Service provider's configuration (Service provider can receive only hes configuration)