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Create a Digital Signature on the Server


Creates a digital signature (PKCS #1) of data using a signing identity on server. As input, the hash of the data or a byte string to be signed raw can be received.

The signature is created with the signing identity on server specified in the request. This identity must belong to the end-user on behalf of whom the operation is performed.


POST /trustedx-resources/esigp/v1/signatures/server/raw

Content-Type Header

Content-Type: application/json


 "digest_value" : {string},
 "signature_algorithm" : {string},
 "sign_identity_id" : {string}

Hash of the data to be signed encoded in base64.
Algorithm that must be used to generate the digital signature ("rsa-sha1", "rsa-sha256", "rsa-sha384" and "rsa-sha512")
Identifier of the signing identity that must be used for generating the signature (it must be a server signing identity that belongs to the end-user on behalf of whom the signature is performed).


POST /trustedx-resources/esigp/v1/signatures/server/raw
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer cbc...6daf
Content-Length: 213
   "digest_value" : "n4bQgYhMfWWaL+qgxVrQFaO/TxsrC4Is0V1sFbDwCgg",
   "signature_algorithm" : "rsa-sha256",
   "sign_identity_id" : "nio...omq"


Response contains the binary value of the PKCS #1 signature.

If you are using Sign API service, PKCS#1 shall be base64 encoded (hexToBase64)

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