Contains signed data.



Signed data in HEX encoding.

If request contains “JWT” operation, then signature contains JWT with sent HASH value in “jti” field and site name in “origin” field.
N.B. Following is needed to verify returned JWT object:

  1. does the signature correspond to previously received certificate; 
  2. is JWT issue time corresponding to fields "iat" and "exp"
  3. does sent hash correspond to "jti" field value
  4. does "origin" field correspond to the site from which signing was made
  5. does "iss" field value correspond to issuer “eparakststoken-

If request contains "JSON" type, 

signed data are included in JSON object, which contains one or more "key:value" pairs, where:

"key" - signed document identifier;

"value" - signed data in HEX encoding.

The order in which the "key:value" pairs are returned may not be identical to the order in which the signature request was built.

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